Economic Potential
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lthough total implementation will require significant time and money, this project can begin with the scaled back proposal being suggested and progress as situation allows.  As such, this project contains significant economic potential in the following areas:

bulletHard cover replication of all database materials for - (libraries, foundations, research groups, etc.)
bulletCatalogues/indexes - to support 'hard cover' research
bulletTextbooks (all grade levels)
bulletCourse study outlines (all grade levels)
bulletSupplemental updates of database materials (as required)
bulletJournals (multi-disciplinary)
bulletAssociated book /magazine publishing

Hardware (computers and related mechanisms) to support the dissemination, search and retrieval of specific information (worldwide)

bulletSoftware - endless programs to meet specific user needs
bulletContinuous transfer of information (worldwide)
Television /Movies:

An endless programming potential that can assist in educating the peoples of the world in a structurally beneficial way - (documentaries, talk shows, game shows, etc.)

Unique Opportunity:  Consistent with the continuing development of a global vision, this project will provide the host country(s) with a non-power dependent leadership potential aimed at the resolution of problems associated with mounting international concern over negative survival statistics.  At the same time, it will provide participating businesses with valuable insights, contacts, and credibility -- advantages that could easily make the difference between financial success or failure in the global marketplace of the future.

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