The Eden project provides a way to create a global interactive model capable of identifying, analyzing, and sharing cultural information relative to the resolution of critical issues. It is singularly unique in that it is completely non-confrontational, while accommodating all ideological positions equally and without bias.
Intended to function in direct conjunction with governments and nongovernmental agencies alike, this project provides the world with the first realistic means to resolve those threats that exceed the boundaries and resources of pre-existing authority.  In addition, it does this without recourse to the destabilizing element of required change.

The Eden project constitutes the optimal way to raise human awareness relative to critical issues and their resolution.  It does this by incorporating a tangible incentive into its methodology that can ensure public participation, across the international arena, in the identification of those questions whose answers can best diminish global threats. It is also  designed to achieve this objective without any dependence upon special interests.
As such, it stands alone in the World with regard to both its approach to problem solving and the scope of human involvement that it is capable of enlisting.
After 17 years of continuous refinement, this project is now endorsed by principals from 28 International organizations.  A cross section of qualified opinion, along with institutional profiles, can be found on the "Endorsements" page. The "Cause for Urgency" material that accompanies this proposal emphasizes need.
The need for a radical change to the premises governing conflict resolution became apparent when this discipline lost control of its defining elements; and thereby, its ability to neutralize situational circumstance. This, in turn, allowed a number of problems to escalate to the point where they currently threaten all life on earth.
As things now stand, without a mutually acceptable moral/ethical imperative capable of demanding sufficient self control from conflicting interests, it is doubtful that mankind can survive itself.

The root cause of our current dilemma is a growing inability to comprehend and thus control the ever increasing amount  of information that is invading nearly every aspect of our lives.  In the process, it is creating a confusion that leads to division and its attendant paralysis.  This  is occurring, because  we   have   lost...
touch with the questions that prompted and thereby controlled our "content generating process" --  thus leaving it free to compound information tangentially without constraint.  Thus, it was inevitable that we would eventually be confronted with viabilities that outstripped our capability to understand how to control them.  And, that is exactly where we now find ourselves.

Since the "self" inherently relies upon its relationship between questions and the answers they provoke to maintain a continuity of identity, the 'self' now finds itself hopelessly adrift in this complexity without the ability to understand its underlying meaning and/or purpose. This disconnect leads to a breakdown in function and then order.
The Eden project was specifically designed to counteract this problem, by reestablishing the linkage between questions and the answers they provoke. This association is absolutely essential for content to remain relative to the self  -- a component necessary for the self's orderly and homogeneous assimilation into the world of humankind.
By providing a means to return control to the questioning process, and the inherent relevance it affords, the Eden project can serve as a foundation by which to stabilize the self, and reconstitute "hope" in all who have lost faith in their ability to understand how to make a meaningful difference in the World. This is extremely important -- for without the stability that 'hope' affords, it is inevitable that order will breakdown; violence will increase; and, weapons of mass destruction will eventually enter into the human equation. Preventing technology from imposing itself upon the human equation is something that must be prevented at all costs.

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