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o recap:  The Eden project provides a realistic way to create a dynamic global model for identifying, collecting, analyzing, and distributing cultural information relative to the resolution of critical issues.  It is singularly unique in that it is non-confrontational and accommodates all ideological position equally and without bias.  Additionally, it will disseminate collected materials in like manner.

Intended to function in direct conjunction with both government and non-governmental agency alike, the Eden project provides the world's first realistic means to diminish those threats that currently exceed the boundaries and resources of pre-existing authority.  It also does this without recourse to the destabilizing element of required change.

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The Existing Problem:  Because of the relentless increase in the quantity and complexity of knowledge in the world, we are experiencing a clash between cultures that prevents all but the most capable of surviving with any meaningful identity in tact.  There is also no hope that this problem is about to change since;

The predisposition of our linear thought process is to compound content indefinitely in search of its ultimate characterization -- a difference which paradoxically, it is incapable of confirming.  This commits our thought process to endlessly cycle into complexity.

This penchant is what has resulted in a volume of information that now exceeds the capability of the individual to comprehend its result.

Adrift in the viability of possibility, many have abandoned modernity in an attempt to return to the roots from which their identity first emerged.  Unfortunately, this all too often impacts upon their ability to remain economically viable in our rapidly changing world.  This can be seen in the growing number of displaced, unemployed and underemployed people in the world.  Currently, this group exceeds 1/5 of the world's total population.

Driven by economic hardship... religious, political, and cultural difference has begun to seethe with a growing frustration that is all too often turning to violence; which once organized, is quickly labeled "terrorism" -- giving authority just cause to suppress it.  Previously, forced suppression was able to forestall the inevitable.  However, in a technologically interdependent world as advanced as our own, where highly destructive information is no farther away than a computer terminal attached to the internet, this unrest constitutes a liability that organized society can no longer afford. 

Not withstanding, protecting a society from well organized groups with a propensity for violence is proving to be impossible.  Even where some measure of protection can be instituted, the expense of doing so is quickly becoming prohibitive in both actual cost and personal freedoms.

If the "Twin Towers" disaster of 9/11 taught us nothing else, we should now know that the impact upon the World's monetary system from even one weapon of mass destruction would be calamitous.  In fact, it could easily collapse the whole thing; since, nation/state indebtedness (worldwide) is at its highest level ever.  With the World's monetary system in shambles, chaos would undoubtedly onset. Beyond that even imagination can't go.  Hence, it is clear that we need to find a way to reconstitute hope within the despondent before it turns to further violence with global consequences.

To Restate the Cause: -- Human beings employ a thought process that is NOT limited by the same temporal constraints by which we define ourselves.  We are "mortal" or limited in time, while our thought process is able to tender ideas that are not temporally bound.

As such, our thought process was destined to encourage the formulation of ideas that generate realities that exceed our capability to safely control their use.  This should make us cautious of it, but for a number of reasons we aren’t.  Because we haven’t been, we now face a reality whose scope and magnitude dwarfs us.  And, since this thought process has NO vested interest in ensuring our survival, we find ourselves at the mercy of the result we’ve created by way of it.  

The thought process to which I refer is best termed "quantitative" or "linearly," spanning for us one to infinity.  And, we are sorely in need of a way that can hold this one in check -- or, one that truly respects our temporality and thereby the sanctity of human life, which this one doesn't.

A Possible FixThe Eden project provides a way to slow down the self-destructive aspect of our 'quantitative' linear thought process as it has now found form on the global stage.  This move is absolutely essential to allow mankind the time to develop the required "spirituality" needed to responsibly manage this thought process's potential to quantify, and thereby ensure our future survival.  This first step requires the establishment of a "constructive /unbiased" dialogue between all recognized elements of society -- inclusive of the disenfranchised.  To be successful, the focus of this dialogue MUST be compelling.  This purpose is best served by a consideration of how to resolve those issues that are currently threatening the survival of everyone similarly.  In addition, this dialogue must be structured in a way that is fundamentally consistent to the development of mankind's total potential (spirituality included), as opposed to any specific temporal momentum it might tend to manifest.  Such a dialogue is a necessary first step toward reconstituting the required "hope" needed to buy the necessary 'time' to defuse the growing violence in the world.

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