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Economic Potential


Construct a database of response around a universal format of questions that are dedicated to understanding cultural predisposition to the resolution of critical issues in the world (past, present and future).

Since questions form the limits of the mind's ability to conceptualize problem, this compilation of questions will provide important insight into national and regional sensitivity to critical issues.  At the same time, international response to these questions will provide academia with the "qualified" information it must have to construct a viable (standardized) global curriculum that is truly sensitive to cultural difference.


Identify and prioritize (nation by nation) all questions supplied by the public whose answers are considered - by their leading experts - to be central to problem solving in the following areas:

(a)  debt and development

(b)  the environment

(c)  human rights

(d)  other


Distill this aggregate of questions into a manageable format.  Determine priority by --  indication, locale, contributor, frequency of proposal, etc.
3.   Develop an associated database of response by utilizing internationally recognized scholarship to profile their nation's current and historical position relative to this question format. 
4.   Offer this compilation, for review, to the main segments of the society whose position it characterizes (political, economic, religious, military, etc).  Solicit response, and include all qualified concerns in that country's profile - with appropriate source identification.
5.   Provide for universal access to this database.  Employ "dynamic data exchange" techniques to allow accredited interests to update specifics as they deem necessary.
6.  Develop supporting materials for instructional use.
7. Identify channels for marketing, manufacture, distribution and sale of all relevant materials.
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