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hankfully, the Eden project advances the cause of world peace while providing an optimum formula for doing business in the global marketplace.  This stems from the coupling of self-preservation to a product base that is in need of constant renewal.  The result is a win /win situation for everyone.  Start-up costs are modest, while potential return on investment is unlimited.  When you add in the economic stability of global diversification, without competition, this represents an investment potential without peer. Important elements to understanding this project include:


Establish a culturally sensitive data base of unquestionable authority.

Initial Focus:

Cultural predisposition to the resolution of critical issues.

Eventual Focus:

All culturally defining information of merit.


To improve human understanding and foster international cooperation through all available channels.


Identify, collect, and provide access to targeted materials


The Eden formula

Primary Format:

Computer generated  -- time sharing networks, CD-ROM, DVD, etc.

Secondary Format:

Hard copy:

Printed material - reference books, textbooks, course study aids, etc.

Audio visual material - movies, documentaries, other programming.

Initial Scope:

7-10 countries (sufficient to produce a 1st product)

Initial Languages:

To be determined (possibly 7)

Eventual scope:


Current Endorsement:

28 International academic bodies (including UNESCO and both UN Universities (Japan & Costa Rica)

Budget Requirements:

Approximately $10,000,000 (over first 3 years)


Individual /Corporate (Humanistically sensitive)


1000% over the first 10 years

Income Source:

Sale of all formats


Foundations, Government Agencies, Learned Societies, Libraries, Universities, Secondary Schools, etc.  Eventually, the entire student population of the World.

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