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ue to its expansive scope, the Eden project has the potential to take many forms.  Three options are immediately evident.  All have significant economic potential that translates to self sufficiency.  In all cases, this potential centers around the marketing of information that has been identified for collection.


As a strict not-for-profit endeavor funded by way of contribution.  This data base would be publicly owned and all profits from the multi-media dissemination of it would be dispersed according to law.


As a co-operative venture between the not-for-profit sector and a sibling corporation.  Here, the Eden Institute would establish and maintain the data base to ensure its academic integrity.  It would also make its electronic form available to the World community.  However, all product generation associated with this effort would be licensed to its sibling. Whatever moneys were left over after obligations were met would then go to progressing the Eden project and supporting other compatible objectives in the not-for-profit sector.


As a strict for-profit venture.  This data base would be privately owned by investors.  This approach clearly has the ability to compromise this project's integrity, since personal agenda would always remain at issue.  Nonetheless, if this turns out to be the only option, it will be employed.  Thus, after meeting basic expenses, all moneys would be dispersed accordingly to private ownership.

Given current instability in the world, the importance of having a viable financial mechanism, with impeccable credentials, to advance the cause of world peace and otherwise support the not-for-profit sector, simply cannot be overstated.  Only fiscal autonomy can prevent private interests from using this arena for personal gain; a dynamic that continues to weaken overall efforts to improve global stability.  I therefore favor the second of these three alternatives.

If utilized correctly, this project can give the NGO (non-governmental community) a fighting chance to shift the balance of power in favor of mankind's future survival and away from the personal greed that is presently destroying it.

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