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System Mechanics:
1.  Design:
(a)  Determine computer limitations relative to anticipated
(b)  Identify partnerships (local, national and international)
(c)  Develop information for database assemblage
2.  Model:
(a)  Merge hardware, software and collected materials
      for initial testing
3.  Schedule:
(a)  Model for applications testing - 20 months after
      funding is secured

Content Generation:

1Initial scope of collected information to be from a minimum of 7 countries
2.  Topics for consideration to include, but not be limited to:
(a)  debt and development
(b)  the environment
(c)  human rights
3.  Initial questions to be derived from (but not limited to) expertise in:
(a)  academia
(b)  UN agency
(c)  NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
(d)  qualified individuals (professional, technical, artistic, etc.)

Financial limitations aside, technical efficiency in conjunction with general compliance will dictate this project's parameters.

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