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Its Many Keys:  There is a big difference between an idealistic concept that holds the promise of making a meaningful difference in a divided World, and its realization.  This is particularly true when those who have become materially successful believe that their advantage could be adversely effected by such a project.  When this happens, their "knee jerk" reaction is to obstruct its implementation.  Regardless of this tendency, their participation still remains essential to the greater cause.  For, regardless of their initial predisposition, they still are the only ones who possess the wherewithal to get things done -- unlike the idealists who spend a majority of their time with their heads in the clouds while simultaneously courting attendant poverty.  So, the real question here becomes one of how to get those who are capable of promoting meaningful change to willingly participate.

In this regard only one thing is clear.  If existing power structures are going to allow any effort of Global magnitude to become functional, it can't appear to be overtly threatening to them -- even as it encourages transitional thought within them that can persuade and thus achieve meaningful change by way of them.  It is indeed sad that the ones who are capable of envisioning necessity lack the ability to achieve its implementation -- while the ones who possess that capability lack the foresight to recognize and/or act upon it.  But, that is the divide that complexity has driven into the state of man, by allowing money and the control it provides to become confused with willing service prompted by respect and the love it naturally engenders.

Whatever the case, it is evident that the viability of any global initiative clearly hinges upon its ability to appear non threatening to existing power bases.  If it doesn't, it will surely be disemboweled long before it gains sufficient momentum to achieve anything.  In addition, this initiative cannot afford to have any weaknesses with regard to the basic need it seeks to address; the approach it will use to do so; or the makeup of its organizational structure.  If any of these exist, these weaknesses will be quickly exploited as just cause to abort its being.  It is also essential that credible broad spectrum support from "Internationally recognized authority" be in place prior to any attempt to introduce such a project into the World.  And of course, the need for this effort must be clearly established as being wholly compelling.

The Eden project was specifically structured to meet all of these requirements.  To demonstrate need, I have extensively catalogued the many critical issues that are currently threatening human survival.  Although less than complete, this list plainly establishes a fundamental need to act that goes far beyond reasonable doubt.  Next, I have defined an approach to information gathering that targets only "critical issue areas" -- or, those that are already understood to be in the International community's domain -- because they clearly exceed the jurisdictional boundaries of any specific nation state.

As time has shown, and most conflict resolution specialists concur, only one unified approach to problem solving can satisfy all of the many divergent positions that the International community holds relative to contested issues.  And, it must be built around "unbiased" education."  But, in spite of this realization, there has always remained two basic problems.  One involved identifying what information might be acceptable, and the other concerned how to go about collecting and disseminating it.  After looking at any number of approaches, only one proved to be totally non-confrontational.  It centered around the collection of information that reflected the uniqueness central to each culture of the world.  The need for the preservation of their difference was then tied to the need to find a resolution to critical issues which threatened the existence of all cultures similarly.  However, since all conclusions inherently reflect bias, which inevitably promotes confrontation, a new approach was needed.  It was achieved by focusing activity upon the collection of relevant questions pertaining to critical issue resolution as opposed to the pre-held conclusions that obstructed their resolve.

Next came the formulation of an approach for collecting, qualifying, storing and retrieving this information -- as well as a platform that would allow for its universal contemplation and the advantages that would necessarily spring from its consideration.  Finally, authentication was pursued.  This final step was achieved by passing this approach before some of the most prestigious Internationally sensitive individuals /organizations in the World, for both review and comment.  Support from doing so proved to be significant.

By integrating all of the above, the Eden project emerged as a realistic way to significantly impact upon global instability in both an efficient and effective manner.

Not only does it reaffirm the importance of all cultural difference; it highlights the similarity of "intent" that they necessarily share relative to identifying and resolving those issues that threaten them all similarly. 

At the same time, it will provide the World’s academic institutions with the necessary information they need to create a dialogue capable of diminishing growing mistrust in the World (in real time).  By so doing, we may finally stand a chance to begin backing away from the 4 minute threshold that now defines nuclear confrontation and the inherent chaos that is inevitable by way of its use.

During the period that this project was undergoing refinement, it is fortuitous that computerization and the Internet are finally in a position to substantially contribute this effort.  As a result, they will be extensively utilized.  Publishing, audiovisual and other promotional methodologies will likewise contribute to it's exposure.  With profit motives of substantial promise, this project serves to attract significant "capital generating mechanisms" to its cause, thus further enhancing its chances for success.

In spite of the many promises this project holds, there still remains one issue that bears repeating.  It concerns whether or not there is sufficient 'time' left in the current equation to make the needed difference.  Given that there are NO other Global peace initiatives in existence, or under contemplation, one thing is definitely sure.  Without implementation of the Eden project it is doubtful.  You don't need to just take my word for the existence of this vacuum.  Check it out and prove it to yourself.  What doesn't need confirming is that business as usual spells certain disaster if it continues on its current course.  Hence, it's time to get on board and lend your support to this project before it's too late.


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