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Scholar Unlocks the MYSTERY OF CERTAINTY    

Donald F. Sagar, president of the Eden Institute and a world recognized scholar listed in the International Registry of Who’s Who is laying claim to having discovered the logical form of 'certainty' -- or the missing link in human thought that necessitates a belief in  the existence of Deity.  Due to its undeniability it rises to the stature of a "proof."

This breakthrough stems from his isolation of an all encompassing definition for man which inherently promotes the fundamental difference that religion universally claims for Deity.  Because of this unique linkage, this proof cannot be denied without invoking self denial.  Hence, its undeniability.

How important is this discovery?  In addition to forcing a rethinking of Deity by some 20 million atheists in the United States alone, it is also destined to effect the way we view everything else as well.  Why?  Because this proof illuminates the structure which sits at the very root of our ability to think.  As a result, it provides us with our first tangible insight into what governs the relevance between ideas that subsequently follow from our first idea.  By so doing, it puts us in a position to finally understand what controls the dynamics by which language assumes to meaning for us.  This insight is crucial to our ability to understand the nature of our consciousness and hence the world around us.  In other words, his discovery provides us with a meaningful way to understand the logical form, and hence nature, of truth.

Given the destructive technology existent in our ideologically divided world, the discovery of a mutually verifiable means to qualify 'truth' could prove crucial to understanding a way to ensure the future survival of mankind.  This is born out by Mr. Sagar's formulation of a globally acceptable way to deal with "critical issue" resolution.  It is called the Eden project; and, it's methodology is currently endorsed by principals from 28 international academic organizations including UNESCO and both UN universities.

Given his ability to link logical theory to actual reality, Mr. Sagar’s discovery should prove to be of unprecedented importance to everyone.