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Mr. Sagar is a life long resident of New York State (USA);  A listee in the International Registry of Who's Who; A representative to the United Nations for the Association for World Education;  Architect of the Eden project, a global peace initiative currently endorsed by principals from 28 international academic organizations including UNESCO and both UN Universities in Japan and Costa Rica.  Previously he served as government /institutional interface for the Polish-Jewish project -- an endeavor aimed at getting 700 years of Jewish archives out of a then communist Poland.  Before that he was a consulting engineer on the cutting edge of Main Frame Computer Development.

He is also an avid writer with significant background in the related fields of philosophy, psychology, theology and metaphysics.  He has completed a two volume work that constitutes a new philosophical system based upon relativity theory and continues to nurture its selective review, worldwide. 

Currently, he is finishing a manuscript that will showcase a construct that lays claim to the defining of "certainty."  This effort has led to a 6 year exchange of correspondence with over 700 of the world's finest scholars -- from all disciplines.  The object was twofold:  to test the validity of the construct that he has isolated; and, to refine the ideas that would eventually accompany its introduction into the world.  This correspondence is still ongoing.

Why has he gone to all this trouble?  Because, the isolation of ‘certainty’ from the field of human knowledge is of unparalleled importance to mankind.  Not only does it provide us with our first universally acceptable definition for Deity/God, but it also confirms Deity/God's existence as it is thus defined.  This indisputable linkage in idea demonstrates, for the first time, the structure that underlies the very nature of truth.  This qualifies it as a monumental breakthrough in "knowledge theory."

Beyond putting an end to the age old controversy of whether or not Deity/God exists, and what responsibilities that existence bodes for us, this proof also offers valuable insight into a number of other issues that are central to both science and religion.  Of particular importance, it yields a definitive prescription for systematically reducing the threat that critical issues currently pose to human survival in the form of the Eden project.

Given the implications surrounding this proof, it should now be evident why there is no room in this equation for error.  The stakes, for mankind, are just too high. 

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