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I am greatly indebted to all the fine scholars that were willing to take the time from their busy schedules and give due consideration to the merits of the proof I offered to them -- a proof that defines the nature of 'certainty.'  Please know that there is no specific order to their comments and that I value all insights similarly.

Donald Sagar - Architect of the Eden Project
President of the Eden Institute


"My colleagues in our philosophy department find no fallacy in your reasoning.  You were wise to copyright it and I wish you great success with your book."

Dr. Rabbi Emanuel Rackman - Chancellor
Bar Ilan University, Israel

"Your manuscript is a truly remarkable attempt to formulate an integrative theory of knowledge.  Although your work is beyond my own field of knowledge, and I am not qualified to write the kind of scholarly critique it truly deserves, I sense that you are on to something of prime importance.  Real "breakthroughs" are rare and can only be evaluated by experts.  This means that you should try and get as much academic and philosophical exposure for your work as possible."

Dr. Alfred Bloch - Professor of Social Theory
Translator for Pope John Paul II

"To celebrate the joyous occasion of your birthday and to pay homage to Your highly significant contributions to ethical philosophy, I have the singular honor to humbly submit a most unusual work written by a colleague of mine Don Sagar.  His work, based upon a profound knowledge of theology and inspired by the noblest of motives, exposes the fundamental fallacy of the linear, utilitarian method of thinking which permeates most of the intellectual output of our endangered civilization.  Mr. Sagar fortunately is not only an astute critic but has the originality of thought and strength of conviction that led him to the formulation of an alternative methodology.  His work exemplifies to a remarkable degree Your own reflections contained in "Osoba i Czyn."  Since the Holy Father was and in a very special way still is a teacher -- a profession I have the pleasure to share with Him, I hope He will view this gift with critical and loving understanding.  Although I am only transmitting his work, I want to use this occasion to express my admiration for the Holy Father, my own love for Him, and my dedication to assist to the limits of my abilities to help communicate the Holy Father's thoughts."

Dr. Alfred Bloch to Pope John Paul II
On the Occasion of His Birthday

** It's worth noting that although Pope John Paul II and scholarship close to the Vatican have had numerous opportunities to comment on this proof, they have chosen to remain silent.
"A logical construct of absolute certainty for the acceptance of God, based upon reason or consciousness, has profound implications for the sphere of contemporary science"

Patriarch Bartholomeos - Head of The Greek Orthodox Church
Constantinople, Turkey

"I'm impressed with your ability to theorize and can find nothing wrong with your proof.  It's importance is obvious.  With your permission, I would like to send it (along with supporting documentation) to my peers at the Jewish Theological Seminary."

Dr. Rabbi Judah Fish
Congregation Ahavath Israel

"I'm fascinated with your attempts to find an absolutely compelling proof for the acceptance of God.... What interests me most is the attempt to establish an immediate, epistemological relationship with the fact of Ultimacy.  I feel that it is crucial in the ongoing philosophical inquiry into God."

Dr. Rabbi Neil Gillman - Professor of Religious Studies
Jewish Theological Seminary, NYC

"Thank you very much for sending me your paper Absolute Certainty /Proof for God.  I find it to be a very important project.  I quite agree that atheism and agnosticism are thriving because no belief system has yet to provide a coherent explanation of God."

Dr. Rabbi William E. Kaufman
Temple Beth El

"It has been a long time since I have seen anything so interesting and captivating.  The information you sent along indicating the structure of knowledge and its ability to affect the individual is profound.  I have always been fascinated with the juxtaposition of freewill and determinism.  You have done an excellent job in placing these two entities together and showing how they impinge each other....  We are delighted that you have established a philosophic proof for God.  We have no objection nor find any weakness in this theory....  We trust that it will bring a bountiful harvest to many who are in need of having such a proof."

Dr. Rev. Paul F. Crouch - President
Trinity Broadcasting Network, Texas

"President Folkenberg forwarded your letter to me at the Biblical Research Institute. I have carefully reviewed both presentations of your rationale for the existence of God, and I see considerable merit in what you are saying.... I also concur with your end conclusion that to have meaning of any kind one must recognize a Creator whose ways are ordered."

Dr. Rev. George W. Reid - Director
Biblical Research Institute
General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

"Your aspiration to secure an irrefutable argument for the existence of God is laudable, and the Bahái World Centre wishes you every success in your efforts to gain a wide audience for your work."

High Council - Bahái International Community
Haifa, Israel

"Having carefully gone through your statement of belief that 'you have finally isolated a logical construct of absolute certainty that can serve as an accurate measuring rod for the interpretation of Divine Revelation as it pertains to human responsibility,' I appreciate the same.... Your reasoning leaves room enough for the place of heart in religion as well as for the head (reason)."

Kewal Krishan Mittal, MA, Ph D - Chairman
Dept. of Buddhist Studies (Philosophy)
University of Delhi, India

"By going beyond the confusion that surrounds the traditional idea of certainty, you appear to have defined a relative certainty that constitutes a closest approach to our understanding of this difference; and therefore deserves to rewrite history's definition of it."

Dr. Vishwanath Alatamarthi - Professor of Buddhist Studies
University of Gorakhpur, India

"The proof's implications to the world of knowledge could well rival, if not surpass, all other currently recognized milestones.... Since truth is undeniably tied to certainty and the sanity it portends, the importance of isolating its ultimate form cannot be overstated"

Dr. Wade Thompson - Professor of English Literature
SUNY New Paltz, NY

"You may well have discovered the missing conclusion that will dictate the final chapter in mankind's search to identify truth"

Dr. David Applebaum - Professor of Philosophy
SUNY New Paltz, NY

"Your proof offers validation for what religion has consistently upheld on the basis of intuition, experience and faith... a rational proof for the existence of God makes the depths of essential cause, as well as the realms of universal interconnectedness, accessible to the scientific mind. That religion and science could compliment and enrich each other would possibly alter the nature of both. This could only benefit humankind as a whole -- Congratulations"

Dr. Rev. Shawn Bryne - Chaplain and Professor of Theology
Unification Theological Seminary, NY

"Where once the word faith was looked upon with disdain by the unbeliever, your proof offers us the fundamental understanding central to the logical function of faith..... I am able to see that the mechanics of the proof and the mechanics of faith are one and the same"

Dr. Reverend Frederick H. Sagar - my Father

"I found your presentation very engaging. I join you in wanting to claim the gift of reason for the service of faith. The theme of order is particularly important to this effort. Your work makes much of temporality and thus resembles Whitehead's work - though his emerged more out of the field of mathematics. Whatever my reservations, this does not remove your work's genuine importance."

Dr. Paul Sponheim - Professor of Systematic Theology
Luther Seminary

"I read with interest your enclosed generic proof for God and will distribute it to other members of the faculty. Speaking personally, I welcomed your letter and text. Our culture is one that places little value on the kind of enterprise you have undertaken; at the same time, I think it has a continuing validity. In addition to cleverness, it now demands a good deal of courage as well. May God bless your work."

Dr. Rev. Lawrence C Brennan, C.M. - Academic Dean
Kenrick-Glennon Roman Catholic Seminary

"You have undertaken an impressive piece of work and I hope your efforts to develop dialogue with philosophers, scientists and theologians will be fruitful."

David A. Ames - Executive Director
The Association for Religion and Intellectual Life
Brown University /Columbia University

"Thank you for the opportunity to read your paper. I found it extremely interesting and very well put."

Dr. Joseph Grange - Coordinator, Society for the Study of Process Philosophies
University of Southern Maine

"I assure you that I admire your efforts to deal with some very important matters in a most rationally challenging way. More power to you."

Dr. C. Alan Anderson - New England District President
International New Thought Alliance

"The subject matter of your proof, as to the nature of reason and knowledge is clearly of general interest and might eventually also concern the physics professional."

Dr. Nicholaas Bloembergen - President, American Physical Society
Harvard University

"Your proof clearly demonstrates that space and time are true unknowables and not directly accessible to reason's function with certainty - as Einstein suggested. It is therefore my opinion that this difference (as you have framed it) is clearly sufficient to force a rethinking of the basic premise of scientific inquiry in favor of another 'constancy principle' such as the one you have suggested in the Mechanics of Reason"

Dr. David Klepacki - Computational Physicist
IBM Corporation, NY

"By understanding the significance of this proof, man no longer forlornly considers himself a pinpoint of reasoning and self inspiring consciousness surrounded by adventitious, meaningless chaos. Instead, man becomes fortified with renewed purpose, renewed conviction and, yes, renewed faith"

Daniel Schmidt - Professional Artist

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