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Long Island University
239 Montauk Highway,
Southampton, NY 11968-4198
Phone 631-287-8474
Fax 631-287-8093
Robert Glass, Ph.D. /Dean

With six program centers around the world and a student body and faculty drawn from more than twice that many countries, Friends World Program is uniquely international. Although actual enrollment varies from semester to semester due to visiting students, it hovers around 200. The Program is designed for students capable of assuming greater responsibility for their own lives and learning. The Programís worldwide facilities offer students the opportunity to live, study, and participate in three or more cultures while earning a B.A. degree; to design individual programs of study based on personal interests and goals; and to combine classroom study with field experience and internships. While acquiring a balanced liberal arts education, including the development of practical fluency in one or more foreign languages and an appreciation of the cultures of several world regions, students have the opportunity to carry out in-depth study and gain practical experience in their chosen field. In addition, they develop a deeper understanding of and a broader perspective on current world issues. The Program began as Friends World College in 1965, under the sponsorship of the New York Yearly Meeting of Friends, and became part of Long Island University in 1991. While its beginnings were Quaker and North American, the Program is nonsectarian and its outlook decidedly global. The Program encourages students to consider the entire world their university, to take the most urgent human problems as one basis of their curriculum, to seek designs together for a more humane future, and to consider their responsibilities as citizens of the world.

Majors and Degrees
Friends World graduates earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Long Island University, accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. All students matriculate as interdisciplinary studies majors and declare an area of concentration by their junior year. Areas of concentration have included such topics as activism and art, anthropology, business practices, communications (including journalism, photography, and video), community health, comparative health practices, comparative literature, criminal justice systems, cross-cultural studies, environmental studies, ethnomusicology, gay studies, human rights, indigenous peoples, international development, peace studies, schooling and socialization, sustainable development, and womenís studies. Areas of concentration range from the traditional to the unique; courses of study are reviewed by faculty advisers to ensure students incorporate both interdisciplinary and international perspectives in their course work.

Academic Program
The learning process is a carefully planned combination of classroom study, structured out-of-class experiences, and independent fieldwork in at least three regions of the world (including the studentís own). Under the guidance of the faculty members, students develop skills and competence in their areas of concentration by combining reading and library research, direct experience, and analytical writing. For example, students have studied and compared Gandhian nonviolence in India and Buddhist responses to oppression among Tibetan refugees. Others have compared feminist movements in Africa, Europe, and the United States. Game parks and natural resource management in Africa and India have been studied from the perspectives of local residents, nongovernmental organizations, and national economic and political aims. Freshmen spend the year in London engaged in a combination of required and elective courses designed to allow guided pursuit of individual interests while, at the same time, ensuring a high degree of intellectual rigor and providing a sound foundation for experiences to come. Throughout the year, freshmen work closely with a faculty adviser to define their educational interests and goals and to identify ways of extending and deepening their understanding of various issues. Cosmopolitan London offers exceptional resources to students as they begin planning their sophomore and junior years in their "world university." Seniors, as mentioned earlier, return to Long Island and reconnect with their freshman cohorts for guided reflection on their full experience as Friends World students and for the final preparation and presentation of senior projects. Drawing on their prior work and able to complement each otherís experiences with their own, students graduate with the skills and knowledge to become truly effective global citizens. As a record of their learning and growth, students maintain journals and submit assignments as required. In lieu of final exams, students prepare portfolios of their learning each semester. The portfolio contains the learning plan, thought pieces, and research papers; it serves as the basis for evaluation and the awarding of credits by the faculty adviser. The B.A. degree is conferred upon successful completion of 120 credits appropriately distributed, the preparation of a senior project report or thesis, and an external evaluation by a specialist in the studentís area of interest. Up to 60 semester credits may be accepted toward the degree from the following sources: transfer credits from other accredited institutions of higher education, College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) tests, military service, and College Board Advanced Placement examinations. Credit may also be awarded for learning acquired through life experience. Such learning must be documented and evaluated by the Friends World faculty.

Friends World Program, China Center
Foreign Students Dorm Box W99
Zhejiang University - Yuquan Campus
TEL: 011-86-571-8897-2785
FAX: 011-86-571-8795-2051
E-mail: fwpchina@ureach.com

Kristina Kupferschmid, Assistant Director of Admissions World Headquarters
TEL: (631) 287-8475
FAX: (631) 287-8093
Email: kristina.kupferschmid@liu.edu
Carl Gabrielson, Field Administrator
E-mail: pleasedonteatme@hotmail.com

Friends World Program
1-287 Akasaka-cho
Kinugasa, Kita-ku
Kyoto 603 Japan
TEL: 011-81-75-462 7271
FAX: 011-81-75-462 7242
E-Mail: fwcjapan@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp

Friends World Program
403A Holloway Road
London N7 6HJ
Telephone: 011-44-207-700-1628
Fax: 011-44-207-700-2427
fwec@cix.co.uk (faculty and staff)

Friends World Program
Apartado 8496-1000
San Jose, Costa Rica
TEL: 011-506-263-8873
FAX: 011-506-260-9656
E-mail: lacfwp@racsa.co.cr

Friends World Program
7/1, ALI Asker Road
Cunningham Road Cross
Bangalore 560 052
Karnatak State, India
TEL: 011-91-80-222-81096, 011-91-80-223-80139
Fax: 011-91-80-233-13760
E-mail: sacindia@eth.net

Friends World Program
Long Island University
239 Montauk Highway
Southampton, New York 11968
TEL: (631) 287-8464
FAX: (631) 287-8463
E-mail: Fw@liu.edu

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