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The World University Roundtable

World University
Desert Sanctuary Campus
P.O. Box 2470
Benson, Arizona 85602 USA
Phone: 520-586-2985
Fax: 520-586-4764
Founder: Dr. H. John Zitko

The World University Roundtable was founded in the City of Los Angeles, California, on December 21, 1946, and organized as a non-profit, tax exempt religious, educational, and charitable institution for the principle purpose of establishing a World University on a world campus with a world program. Its work over five decades has led to the creation of national offices throughout the world and most importantly to the incorporation of the World University in the State of Arizona. Today the Roundtable has a distinguished professional membership in 80 nations of the World.

Purpose: To evolve a developing perspective on the future of humanity.

Affiliated and Cooperating SchoolsAcademy of Ethical Science; Chennai, India - Afra Research Centre Foundation; Accra, Ghana - Ansted University; Penang, Malaysia - Daya Pertiwi Foundation; Malang, East Java, Indonesia - Design, Technology, and Management Society; Ladismith, South Africa - El-Shaddai International School Complex; Klikor, Volta Region, Ghana - Indian Citizens Association; West Mambalam, Chenai, India - Institute for Educational Research; Indore, India - Institute for Planetary Synthesis; Geneva, Switzerland - Institute of Energetic Medicine; Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy - Institute of Graduate Studies; Pune, India - Institute of Speech and Hearing; Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India - International Association of Educators for World Peace; Huntsville, Alabama USA - Kertha Wisata Institution; Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia - Kothari Educational Foundation; Indore, India - Nyonah Primary School; Ho, Volta Region, Ghana - Prashanti Institute of Higher Education; Varanasi, India - Queens University; Dhaka, Bangladesh - United Poets Laureate International; Hercules, California USA - University for the Study of Human Goodness; Winston-Salem, North Carolina USA - Vidya Yoga Free University; Curitiba, Brazil - Vocational College of Arts and Science; Muyuka, Southwest Province, Cameroon - World Association of Integrated Medicine; Varansi, India - Zoroastrian College; Mumbai, India

International Administration: The world headquarters of the Roundtable is located on the campus of the World University near Benson, Arizona, and within Pima County, Tucson. From here direction is given to the national offices which serve to provide the support for the World University development. This support comes in the form of finances and the professional experience of the membership, the most prestigious of whom are awarded the cultural doctorate in whatever field of competence they are recognized. From this pool of committed instructors is recruited the faculty for the University.

World University: This is the academic extension of the spiritual vision of the Roundtable for promoting the new concept of nontraditional, experiential, soul-oriented, tutorial learning with emphasis on world order studies, environmental concerns, and human potential knowledge. Established on the winter solstice, December 21, 1967 by the Roundtable membership, the University has gathered a collection of schools, institutes, colleges, and international organizations into a world association of alternative Institutions of Learning, all dedicated to the improvement of the human condition on the planet. Its work over three decades has led to a provisional basis for a University that is truly non-nationalistic, non-sectarian, not divisive, and beyond race or class -- universal.

International Secretariat: The principal office of the University corporation, located on its own 80 acre campus known as the Desert Sanctuary at Benson, Arizona. While the principal office has been centered in the United States of America, it might have been located anywhere in the world. The initiative for its location was the decision of the founding Roundtable members who contributed the most to the campus purchase. From here the effort is made to bring the University to a common focus.

University Library: This is the heart of the recorded learning of the University and comprises rare and valuable books, reference works, magazines, audio and video tape recordings, space age publications, health literature, esoteric wisdom, and all kinds of futuristic studies. Some say that this is the best esoteric library to be found anywhere, as the larger number of volumes have been donated by the membership from all over the world. Comprising some 25,000 volumes at present, housed at the Desert Sanctuary Campus, this specialized library is open to the public for research purposes and is supported by Friends of the Library who contribute to its value.

University Press: The publishing arm of the University and its imprint is open to any qualified member who may have research material of value and who can assist with such publication. The World University Press has published a wide variety of literature from a classical subject as "A Theoretical Study of Milton’s Art" to a metaphysical treatise on "New Age Tantra Yoga". Resources are presently limited for book publications, unless author financed, and manuscripts are not solicited until further notice.

International Conference: An annual world assembly of the membership, both individual and institutional, and takes place in various countries where there is an active constituency. In the earlier years of the Roundtable, the venue was invariably in the United States of America, but in 1970 a tri-continental conference was held in Africa (Nigeria), Europe (the Netherlands), and North America (the USA). Since 1970, other nations were selected -- from India (1987) and Korea (1990) to Belgium (1992) and Germany (1995). The Fiftieth Jubilee Anniversary Conference was held in Bali, Indonesia in 1997. The International Conference is considered the supreme benefit of membership and is open to all persons with an interest in higher spiritual education.

Governing Laws and Policies: These constitute the purposes, principles and concepts embodied in the Constitutions of the University and Roundtable, each with their own membership, board of trustees, economy, and program. These two institutions complement each other, support each other, and in effect embrace a group leadership that seeks to serve selflessly for the common good. Founded by one man, Dr. H. John Zitko, at the close of World War Two, both the University and the Roundtable, under his chairmanship, have gone into the third generation of their existence.

Campus: An eighty acre campus at the foot of the Rincon Range near Tucson, Arizona which has been selected to house the offices and residences of the University and Roundtable. The property comprises nine buildings, including the library and kitchen facility, the visitors center, and an Olympic size pool. The previous owners used the property as a school and sanctuary and sold the campus to the World University in 1985.

Objective: To inspire the world’s peoples of goodwill to place their humanity above their nationality, to elevate their faith above their creed, and to reconcile the many diverse cultural and ideological beliefs into a synthesis of understanding, capable of laying foundations of a better world for everyone. In fulfilling such a purpose, the World University shall also channel human energies into a major assault on the principal enemies of man: poverty, hunger, ignorance, and war; and lift education into a new spiritual dimension by shifting the learning process from mind training to soul cognition.

Its goal is to help improve the overall human condition by applying a wider perspective on learning and by disseminating deeper insights into the reality of Man and the Universe than those commonly accessible at existing institutions today. In addition, it seeks to ennoble and qualify all learning with a new level of future-conscious global responsibility.

The practical work of the World University in the immediate term will center around the education of future world leaders in different fields. Apart from teaching them appropriate knowledge and skills for their various mundane tasks, strong emphasis will be placed on their need to develop a heightened level of awareness and responsibility. In this way we hope to help eventually improve prevailing conditions of widespread human suffering caused by ignorance, prejudice and destructive conflicts.

Reason: To fulfill the needs and aspirations of men and women of goodwill, of whatever age, nationality, or culture, who are preparing themselves for their part in building the new world of the Planetary Age.

Aim: To set before the student a broad overview of mankind’s extant learning, and to suggest the areas of research and study which will advance their comprehension of what lies within their immediate future.

Intent: To lift education into a new spiritual dimension by shifting the learning process from mind training to soul cognition, from cultivating the intellect to liberating the potentialities of the heart, from mastering the expression of thought to experiencing the wonders of love. Hence, to synthesize a group of world servers into a single cooperative coalition of spiritually motivated and responsible executives who are capable of functioning on all levels of constructive activity for the common good.

Plan: To merge faculties of New Education learning and research centers across the world into a single indivisible, although autonomous, educational commonwealth which will merit acceptability and prestige for the new knowledge of mankind, now on the frontiers of the paraphysical sciences.

Hope: To demonstrate to the vanguard of Twentieth Century mankind a Twenty-Second Century learning, in a Twenty-First Century environment, thus providing present-day humanity with a design for future living beyond the imperfections of our time.

Challenge: To evolve human consciousness and human character through a process of refinement and purification, until the initiate stands free of all harm, suffering, and disintegration, resolving every negation and defeating every limitation with understanding and compassion.

Expected Result: To realize a New World for a better age under a higher law in which happiness becomes a permanent experience of self-worth. It is to this end that the World University strives, and it is to this cause that the World University is conscientiously dedicated.

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