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Institute of Gandhian Thought & Peace Studies

Director: J. S. Mathur, Gandhi Bhawan, University of Allahabad, Allahabad 211002, UP (India)

Founded: 1976. The foundation of the Institute was laid by the Nobel Peace Laureate Mother Teresa, on the anniversary of Gandhi's birth. The Institute is an extension of Gandhi Bhawan, University of Allahabad, the foundation of which (the university) was laid by Sri Prakasa, the then governor of Maharashtra State on February 6, 1961.

Purpose: The Institute is essentially an interdisciplinary advanced center for study and research in Gandhian and peace thought. This covers research on conflict resolution, new world order, nonviolence and social change, and other allied subjects with particular emphasis on the relevance of Gandhian thought and technique for contemporary society.

Funding: The Institute is funded primarily by donations from individuals and institutions, but it also receives some financial support from the government of Uttar Pradesh and other public bodies.

Principal Activities: With a view to arousing the interest of the youth, the intelligentsia, and the academic community, in an objective, scientific, and dispassionate analysis of Gandhi's thought and his techniques of socioeconomic change, the Institute undertakes the following activities:

(a) Regular classes on various facets of Gandhian thought on a voluntary basis.

(b) Gandhian study circles have been set up in various local colleges which, besides arranging lectures, also organize debates, essay competitions, and cultural programs.

(c) Essay competitions are organized both at the local and international university levels.

(d) Seminars - the Institute has organized All-Indian Seminars with the view to examining the significance of Gandhi's ideas and techniques for a new peaceful socioeconomic order.

(e) Courses in Gandhian thought at the postgraduate level.

(f) Indian Society of Gandhian Studies - the Institute was primarily responsible for formation of an All-India body, the Indian Society of Gandhian Studies, with the main objective of arousing the interest of the academic community in Gandhi's thought. The Society meets at regular intervals to discuss various aspects of Gandhi and Peace thought.

Periodicals: Journal of Gandhian Studies (quarterly)


(a) Youth on Gandhi

(b) Gandhi Vichar Sampoornta Ka Darshan

(c) Gandhian Thought and Contemporary Society

(d) Facets of Gandhian Thought

(e) Non-Violence and Social Change

(f) An Analytical Study of Gandhian Thought

(g) Mother Teresa Souvenir

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