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United Nation's Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
(Organisation des Nations Unies pour ('Education, la Science et la Culture)

7, place de Fontenoy
F-75352 Paris, France
Director General - Koichiro Matsuura (current)
33 1 45681000
FX: 33 1 45671690

Founded: 1946;  Members: It is affiliated with 188 organizations throughout the world.  Staff: 2,150;  Budget: 544,000,000; Regional Groups: 5;  Languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish. UNESCO is a true multinational organization.

Description: Advocates collaboration among nations in the areas of education, science, culture, and communication as a means of realizing peace, prosperity, and a world in which justice, law, and human rights are respected. Strives to protect and preserve mankind's cultural heritage and to instill in member nations a sense of cultural and historic identity. Promotes equal educational opportunity for all by advising members on viable educational methods and policies and by providing structures for international cooperation. Seeks to further collaboration among members in all fields of intellectual endeavor and to maximize the accessibility of information. Works toward the abolition of illiteracy and the worldwide availability of elementary educations. Strives to facilitate developing nations' access to advanced technology and encourages cultural interaction. Attempts to define the role of education, science, culture, and communication in social development. Encourages nations to participate in international cultural and scientific programs. Sponsors global programs to further education; organizes international research programs in the field of science; offers advisory services to members; conducts programs to study and preserve cultural traditions and monuments of archaeological importance. Libraries: Type: reference. Holdings: archival material.

Awards: Type: recognition. Computer Services: database. Divisions: Arts & Cultural Enterprise; Basic Education; Basic & Engineering Sciences; Communication & Development; Comptroller; Conferences, Languages & Documents; Cooperation with Extra-budgetary Funding Sources; Cultural Heritage; Cultural Policies; Earth Sciences; Ecological Sciences; Educational Policies & Strategies; Ethics, of Science & Technology; Foresight, Philosophy & Human Sciences; Freedom of Expression, Democracy & Peace; Headquarters; Higher Education; Human Rights, Democracy, Peace & Tolerance; Information Society; Information Systems & Telecommunications; Intercultural Dialogue; Procurement; Programme Planning, Monitoring & Reporting; Promotion of Quality Education; Relations with International Organizations; Relations with Member States; Relations with National Commissions and New Partnerships.

Sections: Administration; Budget; Communication & Information; Culture; Education; Executive Board; External Relations & Cooperation; Field Coordination; General Conference; Human Resources Management; Internal Oversight; International Standards & Legal Affairs; Natural Sciences; Public Information; Strategic Planning.

Publications: International Social Science Journal (in Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish), quarterly. Leading scientists share views on social and human sciences, with a special theme each issue. ISSN: 00208701. Alternate Formats: online - World Heritage Review (in English, French, and Spanish), bimonthly. Magazine. Contains timeless treasures of humanity's heritage, natural and cultural, and the efforts to safeguard them. Price: EUR 7.00. ISSN: 10204202. Advertising: not accepted

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