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Product Summary


he Eden project accommodates all ideological statement "equally and without bias."  It also ensures participants equal access, content, sourcing and analysis of all gathered materials.  In so doing, it leaves each culture and the value of its difference intact; even as it encourages each to give serious consideration to the position of another.  Additionally, it does this without recourse to the destabilizing element of 'required' change.  Thus it epitomizes the very spirit embodied in the idea of education.  As Confucius so aptly put it:

"Every piece of marble has a statue in it, waiting to be released by someone of sufficient skills -- someone to chip away the unnecessary parts.  Just as the sculpture is to the marble, so is education to the human soul; for only the educated soul is free.  And, just as you cannot create a statue by smashing the marble with a hammer, you also cannot by force of arms release the spirit of the soul."

Confucius understood that correct education is the key to human freedom, just as it has now become the key to our future survival.  Still, to neutralize impending threat, the move toward global cooperation must be orderly and non-threatening.  The Eden project provides a very real foundation for just such an orderly transition.

Incentives for Participation:
ACADEMIC ................

This project will assist academia to function more efficiently in the 21st century.

CORPORATE /  .........

It will provide verifiable information (to business) that is essential to the development and management of a sane 'global' investment /development policy.

POLITICAL .................

It will provide a meaningful framework for determining realistic policy formulation for resolving critical issues.

ETHICAL .....................

It will promote the 'greater good,' by focusing human attention upon the similarity of concern inherent in the questions and response from each society.

UN AGENCY ..............

It will better define specific areas deserving of UN attention.


By employing a culturally defined global education prerequisite and providing for direct NGO input, this project can also serve as a coordinating vehicle for the non-governmental community.

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