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On The Occasion of their
th Wedding Anniversary

Frederick H. Sagar
Beloved Husband, Father & Minister of God
Beatrice M. Sagar
Equally Beloved Wife & Mother


Words cannot convey my sense of loss or the love we shared.  Dad was a consummate peacemaker in both word and deed, providing a real example that influenced my life immensely.  Without that influence the Eden Project would not exist.  Mom was the supportive element throughout it all.

My discussions with Dad on fundamental issues were too great to number; and, to this day I remain amazed at the tremendous insight into complexity that my father regularly demonstrated.  It is undoubtedly due to his influence that I began the study of philosophy, psychology, theology and eventually metaphysics.  Mom contributed the necessary common sense to our exchanges.

Beyond his intellectual complexity, my Dad remained a quiet unassuming man who rarely if ever became agitated over anything.  He achieved this amazing control by finding the good in everything (and everybody) while remaining focused on trying to improve the situation at hand.  By so doing, he became what the best of us strive most to become, a totally "good" person.  It is this singular accomplishment that undoubtedly guarantees him a meaningful place in the greater scheme of things.

Although they surely knew it, I want the world to know that Mom and I believe that a better husband and father could not exist.  Likewise, Dad and I felt the same about Mom.  Thank you both for allowing me the honor of being your son. In passing over to what comes next, I can only hope that you will not forget me -- for I surely will never forget either of you.  God's speed "Mommy" and "Poppy" Sagars.

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