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A Tangible Hope


  Mankind has contemplated its future for millennia. Some see our eventuality among the stars, while others wonder if we can survive ourselves. Until recently, nothing definitive was confirmable. That changed when undeniable certainty found form within physicality. Now, due to our "fixation" with complexity, weapons of human annihilation stand to obliterate our future, and with it, all the possibility it holds.  If we don't constrain the endless inquisitiveness that yields destructiveness, it's now clear that we won't survive our creativity. To do so, an understanding of "root" cause is absolutely essential.  

Note: This is a brief overview of a longer presentation that looks at "how" we are able to think; its role in causing the predicament we're in; and what we can do about it. The more in-depth version appears HERE (Use the "backspace" key to return to this text.)

The thought process by which we link experience to predictability (to improve survivability) has led to an insatiable thirst that propels experimentation forward without restraint. This fixation upon the future (as opposed to the present) occurred when "enhancing the quality of life" superseded the need to insure it. As a result, we now face a "complexity" that exceeds our capability to control it.  This complexity is comprised of an ever growing number of interlocked necessities that are peculiar to disciplines and cultures whose foundational objectives are diametrically opposed. This has left us with an unmanageable mess that is forever on the verge of tearing itself apart. Aggression is fundamental to this mix. To obviate threat, all parties have sought to arm themselves against those who might employ specifics to harm them. This defensiveness has birthed the penultimate dilemma --
the linking of "weapons of human annihilation" to an ever growing field of "incomprehensible complexity" relative to their containment. As complexity continues to compound, it further stresses tangential systems essential to the maintenance of restraint. This increases our exposure to conflict and hence destruction. If we prove unable to constrain 'complexity' and the rising tide of global unrest it fosters, it is now evident that we will soon be extinct.

Antagonists to resolution are many. A more complete listing appears HERE. All serve to threaten existing socio-economic systems and those who have benefited from them.  Here are but a few:

      Unchecked Population Growth
      Wealth Disparity
      Diminished Purchasing Power
      Financial System Instability
      Weather Anomalies
      Food and Water shortages
      Growing Civil Unrest

Quality of life obviously varies in importance based upon exposure. Food and water don't. Along with shelter, all 3 are essential. CHAOS quickly attends the absence of these necessities. With its onset, all bets are off. If we are to survive as a species we need to come together and act as one. That includes all faiths, colors and creeds as well as rich and poor alike. And, it must be done NOW -- while some semblance of order still exists. A short "Summary" of a stopgap measure that meets these criteria can be viewed HERE.  Its credentials are already significant. They're available
HERE. To work though, this proposal still needs majority support. As an influential member of the human family your assistance is clearly necessary.

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